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Apartment Insights
Comprehensive quarterly Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Seattle or Tacoma apartment market/property specific report with an annual subscription.  Includes New Construction and Statistics/Trends reports. 

Property Profile
One full page of information (including photograph and map) on every property of 50-plus units in Metropolitan Phoenix and 40-plus units in Metropolitan Tucson .  Sold separately from APARTMENT INSIGHTS at $25 per page (volume discounts available). view example

Statistics Trends
The Statistics/Trends includes graphs, charts and lists, with statistics in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Seattle, and Tacoma. view example

New Construction
Follows projects throughout various zoning, planning, and construction stages.  Single quarter or annual subscription; also sold separately from APARTMENT INSIGHTS. view example

Data Disk Service
While the APARTMENT INSIGHTS reference publication allows you to obtain answers to multifamily questions within minutes, APARTMENT INSIGHTS' Data Disk Service enables you to make the same determinations in seconds.

Print Media and CD-ROM
Property Specific
Parcel Number(s)
Census Tract
Statistical District
# of Buildings/Stories
Construction Type
# of Parking Spaces
Utilities & Payee
Resident Profile
Last Sale
Owner Name, Address, Phone
Manager Name, Address, Phone
Physical Vacancy
Unit Mix and Square Feet
Rent by Unit Type
Overall Market (Detailed by 32-Geographic Areas in Phoenix and 15 in Tucson)
Indexes/Special Sections
Past Names
Street Address
Total # of Units
Year of Construction
Property Owner
Property Manager
New Construction
Transfers of Ownership
Dual Axis Map Codes

Dual Axis Mapping System


RealData's Dual Axis Mapping System is the single most important tool for answering the edict demanding more precision. Now you can define your own market area, and identify all of the projects in that area in a few minutes (in the field or in the office) simply by utilizing RealData's proprietary map codes. With the comparable projects identified, you can perform rental, vacancy, even net effective rental analyses, in less time than it took you to merely identify potential comparables before APARTMENT INSIGHTS(R).

You can perform most searches in 5 minutes. Try it! Imagine the time, effort, and money you will save with RealData's Dual Axis Mapping System at your fingertips. Each property has a north/south (RD N/S) and east/west (RD E/W) map code (refer to the upper right-hand corner of the Property Profile page). These codes, combined with APARTMENT INSIGHTS(R) Dual Axis Map Code Index, completes the Dual Axis Mapping System.

To further refine your search for comparables, refer to the property profiles for each of the properties within your select market area and choose those with a similar unit mix, year of construction, and amenity package. Or use any of the 100-plus variables on the profile page to identify just those properties that meet your most exacting criteria.