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New Construction

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RealData's New Construction Report is compiled from numerous research calls and/or visits to every municipal planning and zoning department, as well as confirmation of the status and verification of details from developers.

The report is included in the APARTMENT INSIGHTS publication or CD-ROM, or sold separately.

The New Construction Reports in metropolitans Phoenix and Tucson allow users to identify:
·Projects by various construction stages, project name, location, and size
·Developer and/or owner name and phone number
·The total units under construction or planned by county and/or city

The New Construction reports for Phoenix and Tucson include:
Number of permits
Historic permits vs. units constructed (by project name)
Construction timeline
Detailed project information
(“individual site details”)
(e.g. preliminary unit mix, acreage and primary amenities )

The New Construction Summary is the same as the full report, except it does not include the “individual site details” pages. It is available for all metropolitan areas researched.