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To receive the significant portion of all "Standard Products" and "One-Time Customized Reports" (see descriptions below) at discounted rates, the following "Level" annual subscriptions, updated quarterly are available:

Level A: Includes text tab delimited files containing information on Management Company, Owner, and Apartment (static) Lists (see "Lists/ Queries" below) as text tab delimited files. Data can be easily downloaded and imported into any contact management software or database. (Ideal for service companies' marketing lead-source needs.)

Level B: Includes all items in Level A, plus User Defined Data/Report, Sales Comparison, Market Area Statistics (Version 1), 5-Year Property History (Version 1), Pro Forma, Quick Comp, Rent Comparison (Unit-Type), Submarket Classification, and Asset customized reports, Statistics/Trends Reports, New Construction Summaries/Reports, Sales Reports/Transfers of Ownership, New Construction ASCII fields, and Property Profiles.

Level C: Includes all items in Levels A and B, plus User Defined Data/Report (with vacancies by unit type and exportable capability), Version 2 Market Area Statistics, Version 2 5-Year Property History, RenTrends®, RenTrends® (Proposed Property), and 5-Yr. Market Area History customized reports.

Levels A - C: Initial subscription to all Levels allows between one and three users per account; additional users (up to fifteen [15]) can each be added for ten percent (10%) the annual subscription cost.

Comprehensive online apartment market/property specific report. Includes New Construction, Statistics/Trends, and Sales/Transfer of Ownership reports. (See "Standard Products.")

Create reports specific to the user's needs/criteria.

User Defined Data/Report:
Choose from over 300 fields of data, including unit mix, owner and management data, physical plant, rent and vacancy information. Twelve (12) different fields of data can be displayed (and/or exported with Level C) for a given set of properties which is user defined. Numeric fields, e.g., rents, number of units, etc., can be summed or have weighted or simple averages calculated for that data element over the entire property set. The data is displayed on screen in columnar format (and Level C users have the option to print the results or to export the data into a tab-delimited text file for use in other software).
Use: Allows creativity to solve a multitude of questions, with user defining output.

Market Area Statistics (Version 1 and 2):
Data report reflecting overall rents (gross or net) and inventory by unit type, plus overall vacancy rate. An excellent report to examine a user-defined market area, that includes only projects and/or units that satisfy the user's filter criteria, e.g., size, age, amenity, rent level, class, manager/owner, etc. Version 2 reflects vacancies by unit type., as well as economic rents.
Use: Use: Understand an area in detail on one page, from inventory breakdown, to gross/net rents for each unit type, and the exact number of vacant units for each. Compare a subject property's performance to a/the market. Determine highest vacancy unit types to assist in marketing plan/policy development. Find under/over-performing properties.

5-Year Property History (Version 1 and 2):
Two-page report containing five (5) years of rents (gross or net) for every floor plan, the overall average rents, and five (5) years of statistical district rents, along with a property photograph. Version 2/Level C includes overall vacancies for each year for the property and the statistical district.
Use: View past property performance relative to the submarket and other properties. Determine historic stability. Find properties that perform better or worse than submarket.

5-Year Market Area History:
Data report reflecting five (5) year periods of overall rents (gross or net) and inventory by unit type, plus overall vacancy rate based on a user-defined area. An excellent "trend" report to examine a user-defined market area, that includes only projects and/or units that satisfy the user's filter criteria, e.g., size, age, amenity, rent level, class, manager/ owner, etc.
Use: Understand and compare historically an area in detail, from inventory breakdown, to gross/net rents for each unit type, and the exact number of vacant units for each. Compare a subject property's five-year performance to a user-defined market

Submarket Classification Report:
Comparison report by user-defined submarket (by city, zip code, statistical district, or county) reflecting all properties by grade and class, listing each groups' rents per square foot and per unit, average unit size, year, and vacancies. This report can reflect gross rents, net rents, and concession amount.
Use: Quickly compare a broad, overall market area and smaller sections of a submarket by property "Class," and by other data.

Rent Comparison(Unit-Type)Report:
Multiple-page report of comparable properties based on the user's specified unit type for select properties, reflecting the selected unit type(s)' number of unit sizes, gross and net rents, property rank, utilities, and distance from subject property. User can define selected comparables, make a dollar adjustment to each property's rents before running the report, and select whether rents to be reflected are to be for furnished, unfurnished, or averaged, and/or reflect low, high or averaged rents.  The report gives data by each unit type.
Use: Quick comparison for selecting comparables.

Quick Comp Report:
Customized report starting with a subject property, then choosing properties based on criteria to select "comparables." Report includes, in the format of a "mini-property profile" page, all properties' photos, unit mix, rents, vacancies, utilities, and concessions.
Use: Get overview of several properties in condensed format.

Quick Brochure:
Similar in look to profile page, excluding owner and property manager in order to allow user to enter customized data.
Use: Include in proposal to communicate detailed information about a property without revealing the owner or manager.

Pro Forma Report:
One-page report customized by user to determine a property's net income estimate, reflecting a property's and submarket's gross rents, concessions, and vacancies. Other income assumptions, operating expenses, capitalization rate, and loan terms can be entered to produce an annual pro forma, reflecting a price for the property, as well as calculating debt service and cash flow. Various growth rate assumptions, and a different capitalization rate can be entered to calculate a future pro forma.
Use: Estimate current and future net income of a property.

RenTrends® :
Quarterly property-specific, competitive market position report designed to aid in rent maximization. Customized to reflect a subject property's and up to 12 user-selected competitive properties' rental rate pricing and positioning questions, including: rent, value of property amenities, changes in local market over the past year, and gross, net/concession- discounted, and value-adjusted rents (considers amenities, age, condition, location, general appeal, and decor or unit functionality).
Use: Determine maximum rent and marketing strategy.

RenTrends® (Proposed Project):
Customized master RenTrends® report allowing user to create a "proposed," new project by selecting unit mix, amenities, etc.
Use: Develop rents and compare with existing properties for determination of market .

Sales Price Comparison:
Two-page report customized to compare a subject property to as many as six (6) comparable properties, reflecting sales information, property classification, average rents and vacancies, amenities, construction type, electric meter type, utilities, and year built. A user can define/input their own sale(s) and/or use those from the current database.
Use: Property value determination aid.

Asset Report:
A customized report reflecting owners' or management companies' portfolios, detailed with properties, locations, units, submarkets, average square feet, property grades, years built, and/or customized to summarize the total portfolio's characteristics including average sales, rents, and vacancy. The report can incorporate properties from other market areas within the same state.
Use: Assist in comparing owner and management companies performance and sourcing all properties in a portfolio.

Lists/ Queries:
Lists are available online as text tab delimited and can be previewed on screen or down loaded. The Management Company and Owner Lists give company name, contact person and title, address, and phone number, followed by the name, address, phone number, number of units, and year built of all properties each company manages or owns. The owner query can search for all properties which may be owned in other markets/metro areas within the same state. The Apartment list includes name, address, phone number, number of units, and year built.

Apartment Insights:
Comprehensive reference publication--Refer to previous description.

Property Profile Page:
One full page of property information, including unit mix, square footages, amenities, utilities, year built, policies, owner, management company, sale date and among, rents concessions, and vacancies, along with a photograph and a map.

Apartment Photos CD
Apartment photographs in .jpg format, ranging from one to ten per project.

Statistics/Trends Report:
Multiple page report, available (on a one-time basis or as an annual subscription) separately from and included in Apartment Insights, includes tables for the current period's and three previous periods' rents, vacancies, inventory, absorption, and sales for each submarket and metro area for Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Seattle and Tacoma.

The two-page Statistics/ Trends Summary, available separately from the full report, summarizes the current periods' salient market statistics, plus "observations" by RealData/Apartment Insights LLC of the metro area's market activity. (The Summary is available for Phoenix 100+, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Seattle, and Tacoma only.)

New Construction Report:
Multiple page report reflecting properties in a metropolitan market currently in the construction/ zoning pipeline. Includes developer/owner, scheduled dates, as well as the preliminary unit mix and primary amenities ("individual site details"). Available (on a one-time basis or as an annual subscription) separately for and included in Phoenix and Tucson Apartment Insights.

The New Construction Summary is the same as the full report, except it does not include the "individual site details" pages, and is available for Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Seattle, and Tacoma.

Sales Report/Transfers of Ownership:
Multiple page report reflecting current period's arms-length transfers of ownership, identifying buyer, total sales price, price per unit and per square foot, down payment, property rank, and type of financing. Included in Apartment Insights or available separately.

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