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RealData's RenTrends is a comprehensive rental rate comparison or "market position" report. It objectively examines and compares attributes at a client's property with up to 12 competitive properties, whether a property is existing or proposed, by thoroughly analyzing the monthly report provides answers to rental rate pricing and positioning questions.

Composition of the subject's local market (as defined by you) in terms of:
- unit mix, including unit size distributions;
- current and historic gross and concession-discounted rents by unit type and property;
- current amenity value-adjusted rents by property and unit type;
- current and historic occupancy levels by property;
- management company share of the local market;
Rent value of property amenities; and
Changes in the local market over the past 13 months.

In fact, RenTrends reveals the property's current rental rate pricing position in the following three rental rate categories:

Gross rents
Net or discounted rents (net of concessions)
Adjusted rents (adjusted for amenitization, age, condition, location, general appeal, and decor)

This information allows you to focus on maximizing rental income, rather than spending hours shopping the competition yourself.

RenTrends benefits also include:

Select the competitors which will comprise the local market, determine various classifications of the subject and competitive properties within this local market, and establish your own rent values for amenities, should RealData's values vary from your own beliefs.

Rental rate data received by the 15th of the current month will be included in reports completed between the 25th of the current month and 5th of the following month.

Receive the same high-quality service and accuracy you've come to expect with other RealData products.

Subscription Procedures
Complete a subscription form for each property by completing the competition information and making any changes to the amenity value adjustments you feel necessary, and choose a 12-month or six-month subscription.  (One time reports are available.)  Each subscriber then simply furnishes its property's monthly rental and occupancy information, while RealData survey's the competitive projects.  The RenTrends report is then delivered by the fifth of each month. 

RenTrends Goal

To create a level playing field by making adjustments to the comparable properties' rents for amenities, rental incentives, and other subjective factors such as age/condition, location, general appeal, and decor, thereby returning rents which treat the competitor as though it is identical to your, subject, property.