RealData, Inc. is your source for comprehensive, individual apartment property information in Metropolitans Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona; Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs in Colorado; Metropolitan Seattle, and Tacoma (including Pierce, Kitsap & Thurston counties) in Washington.

This web site allows you to:
Learn about RealData, Inc.
View samples of products (such as "Apartment Insights;" often referred to as "my apartment bible")
Perform searches and produce customized reports
Discover services unparalleled in the Multifamily Industry

Management Companies - View and customize:
Market area statistics (with vacancies by unit type)
5-yr property history (with vacancies and rents)
RenTrends® (a "subject property" rental rate comparison report)

Property Owners, Developers, Lenders - Can also view and customize:
Sales comparison customized reports
New construction reports
Statistics/ Trends (submarket) quarterly report
Property profiles

Brokers, Service Companies - In addition to all of the above:
Access owner and manager lists
See all properties controlled by a particular owner or management company